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How do PMBC Medical Billing and Revenue Cycle Services Increase Client Profitability?

Since 1995, PMBC, a medical billing company in Arizona, has never failed in its guarantee to show a true return on investment increase to the revenue flow. This guarantee holds true today. Here are some of our USPs.


Revenue Cycle Management

Healthcare reimbursement transformation is underway. As your organization embraces new payment and governance models, your revenue cycle must provide immediate margin improvement efficiently and effectively during financial results in this new era of accountable care.


Accelerating and Increasing Cash Flow

Cutting costs has eclipsed the healthcare industry and has become a top priority because of today’s escalating financial pressures. Utilize medical billing services in Phoenix at PMBC to strengthen the insight into your revenue cycle to help counteract these cost-cutting measures and strengthen your revenue.


PMBC RCM Guarantee

Our revenue cycle management experts guarantee to accelerate and increase your bottom line revenue. Transparency is the key to our services. Our fees are based on a percentage of collection, not transactions. You pay for results, not activity. Our success is dependent on your success.

Always be able to track your money. We provide real-time reporting and business intelligence capabilities that give you 24/7 access to the information you need. PMBC healthcare solutions streamline the revenue cycle management (RCM) and get clean claims submitted easily, resulting in more claims being paid and faster processing times.

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Clean Claims

PMBC assigns an experienced biller who is familiar with the complexities of medical billing for your specialty to scrub any errors in the claim before it is submitted. We initiate claims using verified demographics of patients and superbills to ensure accurate and effective claims submissions. We are very proud to provide skilled and cost-effective services to assist your back office.


Full Cycle Electronic Claims Processing & Payment Posting

When a service is rendered, it is necessary to get the claim submitted as soon as possible. It is a challenge for in-house workers to contend with and file large fluctuations in claims volumes in a timely manner. PMBC houses a team of trained physicians that file claims in less than 48 hours. We use the latest technology for medical billing services in Phoenix to gather the correct information and speed up the claims process by uploading it electronically.

PMBC RCM Services is not just data entry, but a full cycle managed claims service that handles all components of the claims process, resulting in 5 star rated claim results.

A/R Management, Denials and Appeal Processing

Part of every good revenue cycle management plan is account receivable follow-up, which also includes denial processing and appeal process review. We do not let unpaid claims linger but keep track of who is responsible for each balance and produce the required reports. PMBC prides itself on offering all services for a cost-effective monthly fee that provides all the required services to increase our clients’ net income at the highest level possible.

Our team can work with your employees or directly with your patients if you prefer. We help explain any questions or misunderstandings so that they feel comfortable being billed correctly. We’re also going to take patient calls, so your employees can remain focused on patient treatment.

Certified and Experienced Experts

We offer an MCS-RCM experienced team of accredited professionals certified in coding, fee schedules, compliance requirements, billing requirements, and electronic submission protocols. PMBC services providers from all sectors of the healthcare market and on a national scope. We offer efficiency through experience and technology.

Rigorous Follow-ups

Rejections and denials are two major reasons why most unpaid claims are dismissed. We actively track outstanding claims as early as 15 days from the time they are submitted.

Insurance claims are filed in compliance with the most current billing requirements of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), the American Medical Association (AMA), the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC), and the Affordable Care Act (ACA).


Tracking System

Thousands of dollars are lost each year due to mismanagement of outstanding claims. We ensure that you earn the highest possible reimbursement level by tracking every claim before it is charged, regardless of the sum.

Customer Service

What sets PMBC apart is our mindset. We see ourselves as a customer care organization, not an accounting company. Our mission is to provide our clients with the best service, so we aim to make communication as straightforward as possible, reporting transparently and processes with high productivity.


Benefits Of Medical Billing Services

Medical Billing Company in Arizona | Medical Billing Services in Phoenix | PMB Center

Better Cash flow

Cash flows serve as the lifeblood of every company, including health care providers. Our revenue cycle management company ensures quicker submissions and decreases the number of refusals.


Insurance Coverage Updates

PMBC offers technologically advanced solutions that ensure data is easily entered, and medical claims are quickly submitted.

Medical Query Resolution

Our team of specialized medical coding experts addresses all questions relevant to medical billing services.

Advanced Eligibility & Benefits

PMBC will provide hospitals with information on patients’ status with expired insurance policies to overcome any possible delays.

Insurance Coverage Updates

PMBC informs if the team determines that the insurance coverage does not fit the patient’s claim.

Timely Denial Management

The PMBC team shall report on a timely basis if it discovers any issues relating to submission, including errors and omissions.

Advanced Reporting

Detailed review reports are sent to providers in compliance with their personalized criteria to help them make sound business decisions.

Reduced Operational Costs

When you have been outsourced to our professional medical billing experts, you will reduce costs significantly

Our Expertise

We know from experience that healthcare professionals sometimes think about things they shouldn’t do. We, therefore, assist the provider and take care of their billing problems. This way, you will concentrate solely on offering quality care.

Here’s a glance at our medical billing services.

  • Patient Management
  • Insurance eligibility verification
  • Coding
  • Charge entry Payment posting
  • Clearing House rejections
  • Claims transmission
  • Audit and quality check
  • Denial management
  • AR Recovery
  • Patient statement
  • Collections

Don’t take our word for it. Talk to our customers, and they’ll tell you that our team offers an unrivaled level of support and experience. Working as a true business partner, in line with your practice’s financial performance, our revenue cycle management team is driven and fully focused on maximizing your revenue and reducing costs. Our customized code optimizes the workflow so that edits can be used to identify errors early in the process and keep cycle time to a minimum. Our medical billing and coding services are rendered by skilled revenue cycle management specialists who streamline your business by:

  • Reconciling all charges collected against your service log to ensure that all services rendered have been submitted for payment.
  • Examining and monitoring payments earned from payers for consistency and appropriateness.
  • Identifying ways to improve the performance of the practice.
  • Proactively recognizing possible enforcement problems in order to prevent delays or denials.
  • Increasing market accountability through timely and thorough reporting.

Why Choose PMBC for Your Medical Billing and Coding Needs?

By choosing PMBC, you hire a team with a decade of experience in medical billing and revenue cycle management services. The medical billing process is described as the communication process between the medical provider and the insurance company.

We strongly believe in the modernization of technology and trends and have accredited multi-specialty service experience.

Trust us in managing your medical claims due to our expertise, experience, skills, and friendly professionalism.

Our clients can vouch for us as we provide:

  • One-Stop Solution for Revenue Cycle management.
  • All your billing needs are covered under one roof.

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