Tips to Improve Medical Coding Quality

Medical coding is the process of converting medical information from healthcare providers into standardized codes that can be used for reimbursement, research, and analysis purposes. Medical coders assign codes to diagnoses, procedures, treatments, and medications that are recorded in a patient’s medical records, using classification systems such as the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) and […]

9 Things to Consider Before Automating Your Medical Billing Process

Medical and healthcare billing is still paper-based to a great degree. This creates cash flow complications that reverberate from the ER to the operating room to the recovery room. Patients returning from the hospital are often troubled with insurance and reimbursement failures; stories of people swamped by outstanding medical bills are painfully prevalent. The lifeblood […]

7 Steps To Revenue Cycle Management For Your Medical Practice

No matter how well your team performs in the doctor’s office, you can’t leave the lights and doors open just because of the quality of care provided. It is your responsibility to manage your finances. Businesses that fail to track the income they generate cannot stay afloat while other practices continue thriving in their local […]

7 Reasons why the medical practice should outsource Medical Billing Services?

A hospital or a medical office is good as the back end staff, apart from the nurses, caregivers, and the doctors. Suppose a group of physicians with specific specialties have opened a clinic and have invested their hard-earned money in computer software and hardware, offices, medical equipment, hiring medical staff, furniture, buying insurance, and marketing. […]

Seven Common Myths About Billing Outsourcing

If you type ‘medical billing near me’, you’re likely to find a lot of results for this service. In case you haven’t warmed up to the idea yet, you must know that there are plenty of businesses that specialize in the service of medical billing and are likely to leave you to focus on the […]

How Can PMBC Stop Revenue Leakage In Your Organization?

It’s always nice to have happy patients who believe in your services and the quality of healthcare you provide. However, one can never get too comfortable. The world of healthcare is competitive and you need to look after your finances as effectively as you handle your operations, if not better. The first step to doing […]

Top Challenges in processing Medical Billing

Like any other professional, medical professionals also face various challenges in managing different sectors of a healthcare facility like medical billing. Whether it is a question of medical claims, software used for the revenue cycle, or patient cooperation, they face something or the other every time. Below we have shared some of the most common […]